Jury Award 2013 Herokon Online Soundtrack Jury Award 2012 Into The Light Jury Award 2010 Into The Grey
Best Album 2012 Herokon Online Soundtrack Best Album 2011 Into The Light Best Album 2010 Into The Light Break-Out Artist 2010
Best Song 2008 The Reiters Best Song 2006 Into The Red Best Composer 2006 Erdenstern

A Symphony of Life.

Our new cd A Q U A
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Erdenstern unplugged: The Book Herokon

Together with musicians of the University of Hamburg orchestra and musician friends we transformed the opulent orchestral version of the soundtrack's theme song into a chamber music for eleven instruments. We are grateful to the musicians and all the organizers for this unique experience and are very pleased that cameraman and director Rainer Zipp Fränzen captured everything on film.

Welcome to a world of fantastic music!

Erdenstern professionally compose and produce soundtracks for roleplaying games. Our music resembles movie scores when it comes to being an emotional, musical backdrop for different situations, while we also take great care for the versatility in different game systems and the musical independence of the composition.

Our latest project is the official soundtrack for the MMORPG „The Dark Eye Herokon Online“. This is our fourth commisioned work, after Soundtrack for the Cthulhu-RPG campaign „Mountains Of Madness“, „Chronik Aventuriens“ for the popular German RPG „Das Schwarze Auge“ and „Call Of The Titans“ for the German pen&paper system Elyrion.

So far, we have released seven CDs in our "Library of fantastic music": "Into The Green", "Into The Red", "Into The Blue", "Into The Dark", "Into The Gold", "Into The Grey", "Into The White" and "Into The Light" — and the adventure continues. So — lend us your ears, if you like.

Eva-Maria, Andreas and Per